Ensure your upper categories always sail full, and at the highest price possible.

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Premium Upgrade

Enable passengers to bid for or purchase an upgraded cabin through a white-labeled user experience. As the most widely adopted upgrade solution in the cruise industry, Premium Upgrade drives high-margin revenue and delivers incredible customer experiences worldwide.

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Elevate your sailings: build loyalty & drive profitability

After upgrading through the Plusgrade platform, on their next trip:


booked the class they were upgraded to on their first trip


booked an even higher class


placed a higher bid

2xPlusgrade-powered cruise upgrade programs at least double within the first year.

Optimized ship revenue

Our solution analyzes available inventory and your pool of pledged upgrades to recommend the optimal selection of passengers to upgrade.

Encourage future buy-ups

Incentivize guests to try a higher cabin at a price they are willing to pay, and then get double the benefit when they rebook at full fare.

Control inventory & leverage granular pricing rules

Your inventory won’t change, but how customers see it will, increasing value for them and for your brands.

"We were running a very manual upgrade process. The biggest differentiator, when introducing MoveUp [the upgrade platform], is we realized that guests are willing to pay way more than we would ever have asked for. So, higher bids, huge guest excitement, and strong ability to reach our guests directly and through our trade community. In just 3 months, the revenue is 10x what we would have done in our previous program."

-Melissa Beckwith, Director, Revenue Management, Celebrity Cruises

Loyalty Currency Retailing

Enable loyalty program members to do more with their points and miles, while driving customer satisfaction and high-margin revenue. Loyalty Currency Retailing by Points, a Plusgrade company, turns singular earn-focused loyalty rewards programs into multi-product revenue drivers.

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Loyalty Commerce Platform

The Loyalty Commerce Platform by Points, a Plusgrade company, gives members the ability to exchange, earn, and redeem points/miles on ancillaries and through third-party or co-branded channels. By connecting your program to a network of industry-leading merchant partners you can grow ancillary revenue and expand the utility of your points/miles.

Through Points you can allow members to:

  • Bid and pay for ancillaries with loyalty currency
  • Buy, gift and transfer points
  • Exchange, earn, redeem through white-label third-party or co-branded channels
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Drive ancillary revenue with incredible customer experiences

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