Deliver incredible passenger experiences while generating significant ancillary revenue on every flight.

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Premium Upgrade

Enable passengers to bid or purchase a premium seat through a white-labeled user experience. As the most widely adopted upgrade solution in the industry, Premium Upgrade drives high-margin revenue for over 80 airlines around the world.

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upgrade revenue in the first year of Plusgrade implementation — European flag carrier


engagement after implementing Plusgrade's Bid-to-Upgrade


upgrade revenue in 12 month period after switching to Plusgrade — Major North American carrier

White-label solutions

Airline-branded solution that provides a seamless customer experience.

Zero dilution of core revenues

Robust business rules and levers designed to optimize your upgrade program.

Fastest time-to-market

Start generating incremental revenue in 12 weeks.

Full PSS integration

Fast and easy implementation and no fees for setup or maintenance.

Merchant of Record

Upgrade revenue gets paid immediately and goes directly to you.

Proven YoY revenue growth

Maximize profit with diversified products and revenue streams.

Seat Blocker

Offer Economy passengers more comfort and space by letting them block the seat—or even an entire row—next to them. With Seat Blocker, seats are “soft blocked,” generating revenue on unsold inventory and dynamically adapting seat allocation based on load factor and seat inventory.

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Plug-and-play setup

Go live in as few as four weeks. Plus, all reporting and program management live in one place.

Easy payment integration

Use the same payment gateway, currencies and payment cards in your existing PSS.

Maximized offer distribution

Leverage high-performing media channels to reach the broadest audience.

"This is a product that gives Azores Airlines a whole new category of seats to offer our passengers, giving them the opportunity to have just that extra space and comfort that makes a difference in their travel experience."

-Marco Silva, Ancillaries, Direçào de Rede e Receita, Network and Revenue, Sata Azores Airlines


Give everyday passengers the option to pay to access priority check-in and boarding, and navigate the airport stress-free with access to expedited security lanes. Leverage existing integrations and travel touchpoints to monetize and improve the customer journey.

The perks passengers get with SpeedPass:

  • Priority check-in, baggage drop, and documents check
  • Expedited security
  • Priority boarding

Simple, seamless UX

Mobile-first design with gamified time-savings estimates.

Generate ancillary revenue

Increase customer satisfaction and monetize in-airport touchpoints before your passengers fly.

Control inventory & leverage granular pricing rules

Target passengers with configurations based on eligibility and inventory.

Loyalty Currency Retailing

Enable loyalty program members to do more with their points and miles, while driving customer satisfaction and high-margin revenue. Loyalty Currency Retailing by Points, a Plusgrade company, turns singular earn-focused loyalty rewards programs into multi-product revenue drivers.

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Loyalty Commerce Platform

The Loyalty Commerce Platform by Points, a Plusgrade company, gives members the ability to exchange, earn, and redeem points/miles on ancillaries and through third-party or co-branded channels. By connecting your program to a network of industry-leading merchant partners you can grow ancillary revenue and expand the utility of your points/miles.

Through Points you can allow members to:

  • Bid and pay for ancillaries with loyalty currency
  • Buy, gift and transfer points
  • Exchange, earn, redeem through white-label third-party or co-branded channels
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Drive ancillary revenue with incredible customer experiences

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