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» Maximize Passenger Revenues

Airlines need to generate as much revenue as possible from every flight. That's where we come in.

The Plusgrade revenue upgrade platform enables our partners to offer travelers the opportunity to upgrade their travel experience, if upgraded inventory is available before time of departure.

By monetizing premium inventory and services that would otherwise go unused, our partners i) see a high-margin incremental revenue stream delivered to their businesses and ii) strengthen their passenger relationships through increased customer value.

The unique core architecture and algorithms that make up Plusgrade's foundation ensures that each passenger targeted for the opportunity and selected for an upgrade meets a host of internally prioritized goals.


  • Delivered post-reservation confirmation through multiple touch points
  • The upgrade is not guaranteed and subject to availability
  • Passengers only pay if upgraded, otherwise they keep their original ticket
  • Inventory available for sale at full rate is not impacted
  • Passengers never leave the airline’s environment (custom white-label solution)


  • Pure profit direct to your bottom line
  • Engaging and valuable customer experience


  • Easy to implement
  • Interfaces with most reservation systems
  • Support for existing FFP/loyalty programs
  1. After travelers book their flights, they are offered the opportunity, post-confirmation, to request an upgrade, which is not confirmed until and if airline chooses to award it
  2. Travelers can be engaged via multiple channels including the booking engine confirmation page, the booking confirmation email, a standalone email, or at the airline's website
  3. Travelers are directed to an airline-branded web page where they can make an offer to upgrade in an easy 3-step process:
    • Request
    • Payment Information
    • Review & Submit
  4. If the upgrade is awarded, travelers are notified (and quite happy!). Otherwise, travelers retain their original reservation.

Intelligent Targeting Engine
Airlines have complete control and flexibility in defining the exact strategy and circumstances under which travelers are offered the upgrade opportunity.

Powerful Decision Engine
Our unique ranking algorithms ensure that only passengers who meet a host of pre-defined goals are awarded the upgrade. Airlines can integrate their Revenue Management, Loyalty, or other important organizational objectives into the ultimate decision.

No Risk
We share only in the revenue that Plusgrade generates for you.

Turnkey Implementation
Software as a service that easily interfaces with most reservations systems

White-Label Branding
Each implementation is customized, fully branded, and white-labeled for our unique airline customers. It's your upgrade program and will look and feel that way.

"More customers are enjoying our premium cabins, and we're getting more revenue." - Mark Street, Head of Customer Loyalty at Air New Zealand
"We offer our guests, who want to treat themselves, an innovative approach to enjoy the Austrian Business Class." - Karsten Benz, Chief Commercial Officer of Austrian Airlines
"Etihad’s inventory control will continue to use core systems to maximise revenue opportunities. The upgrade systems are maximising distressed inventory, which is being forecast by revenue management systems. Therefore it is only focused on truly distressed seats." - Roy Kinnear, SVP Revenue Management and Planning of Etihad Airways
"We are constantly trying to find new ways to serve our customers better. ‘UpgradeNow’ gives a broader range of passengers’ access to the comfort and service of our Business Class cabin and services. It is one of the new offerings that we are introducing as part of our objective to step up service." - Andre Viljoen, CEO of Air Mauritius
"Passenger acceptance has been good – with a good take up rate." - spokeswoman for Virgin Atlantic

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